Board Members

SASSLA engages the Australian Electoral Commission to conduct a yearly election of Board Members. Nominations are sent to all members in January of each year via the Electoral Commission. After nominations are received a postal ballot is forwarded to all members in March of each year. Members are elected for a two year term, with four members being elected one year and five members being elected the next year. This arrangement ensures continuity of Board Members each year.

John Gregory 1 edited cropped (1) Chief Executive
John Gregory

John has worked in education for over 40 years.  Starting in secondary teaching and progressing to leadership including Principal and Director, in both education and the State Department of Aboriginal Affairs.  John has been asked to participate in several major reviews of education as a senior advisor to government along with several ministerial and departmental advisory positions. He was President of the AEU four times.

Marion Coady Chairperson
Marion Coady
Aberfoyle Park High School
Phil Johansen Board Member
Phil Johansen
Highgate School
Sharyn Darrell Board Member
Sharyn Darrell
Deputy Principal
Reynella Primary School

Sharon Goldman Board Member
Sharon Goldman
Blackwood High School
Steve Freeman Board Member
Steve Freeman
Woodend Primary School
Tracey Davies Board Member
Tracey Davies
Richmond Primary School
Craig Duguid Board Member
Craig Duguid
Deputy Principal
Aberfoyle Park High School
Tyson Grinham Board Member
Tyson Grinham
Lockleys North Primary
Heather Carter Board Member
Heather Carter
Preschool Director
Trinity Gardens Children’s Centre



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Without the support of SASSLA I would not have stayed connected to and be continuing in my chosen and much loved career.  It is so important that Principals have the full support and confidence of the DECD.  My very public legal case highlighted the fragility of the system when support and confidence dissipates in the face of political interference, media attacks and intolerance.  SASSLA gave me support and encouragement during a very difficult time and when it seemed that no-one else would listen