Enterprise Bargaining Negotiations 2018

SASSLA is strong and effective in its collaborative representation and industrial advocacy for leaders.  Now more than ever we need an organisation which is uncompromisingly dedicated to the support of its members with the underlying principles of fairness and reason.

SASSLA will again represent its members in the 2018 enterprise bargaining negotiations as a Bargaining Agent.  Membership concerns and our analysis of issues, leadership density and workload suggest the following areas for improvement:

  • A substantial salary increase to compensate for increasingly complicated web based accountability and demands for documentation and procedure.
  • A reduction in the number of classifications, facilitated by stepped progression to four common scales. We have too many fine and unjustifiable distinctions in our classification system which disguise common responsibilities.
  • Substantial funding to radically improve preschool and primary leadership density. Current antiquated entitlements were developed in the 1970’s. Modern leadership demands cannot be met this way.
  • Nearly half of all DECD sites have just one leader. At least two extra leadership positions must be identified and provided for. One for administration and one to serve as the second in charge, with time and a responsibility allowance.
  • A fairer, regulated system of complaint management and misconduct investigation supervised by a judicial officer; with options created to have a complaint dismissed as vexatious or followed through informally. Formalised complaints need very clear timelines with rights to detail, representation and appeal.
  • SASSLA will continue its representations based on the insights it gains from its membership.  Together we will work to ensure that our concerns continue to be heard, to build better working conditions.

If you have any suggestions or concerns relating to next year’s EB process please email Leanne at admin@sassla.asn.au and we will present your ideas to the Board at upcoming meetings.


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