About Us

The South Australian State School Leaders Association (SASSLA) was formed in 2001 by a group of school leaders concerned the type of legal advice and support they needed was not forthcoming from other sources. With a starting membership of just 60 school leaders, the Association has rapidly grown to include the majority of principals and many other leaders in our state education system. We really are an Association created by school leaders for school leaders!

Our membership is open to all leaders employed by the South Australian Department for Education as:

  • Principals (Band A)
  • Preschool Directors (Band A)
  • Deputy Principals (Band B)
  • Band B2 standalone Primary School Assistant Principals or Senior Leaders (This does not include area schools or combined primary and secondary schools)
  • Assistant Principals or Senior Leaders (Band B3 and above in any school)
  • Education Directors, Principal Consultants and Early Childhood Leaders
  • Department for Education Officers, such as managers of support services or leadership positions in the Department (only if a substantive school leadership role has been previously held)

SASSLA is an Incorporated Association, managed by an Elected Board of school leaders. SASSLA retains a legal team through Tindall Gask Bentley Lawyers to assist members with legal and industrial matters. SASSLA is solely funded by members’ subscriptions which are tax deductible.  Our mission is to be, “The Voice for South Australian State School Leaders”.

What can we offer you?

  • Access to free professional legal advice when you need it.  Phone advice seven days a week and contact with a lawyer within a day.
  • Legal representation before relevant courts, tribunals, authorities or government departments.
  • Provision of a support person for complaint or grievance meetings pertaining to your role.
  • We provide a voice for school leaders, where specific views are diminished or undermined by the teacher voice.
  • Members can attend a free annual State Conference and various other free seminars and workshops.
  • Professional legal advice at a reduced cost for personal legal matters.
  • Regular web, social media and e-news updates.
  • Peer support, advice and mediation in matters affecting school leadership.
  • Access to prompt professional public relations advice on urgent media management issues in times of crisis.
  • Public relations and publicity assistance in respect to media strategies, internal communications, social media policies and other public relations matters.
  • Journey insurance in case of an accident to or from home to work.

We can assist you with:

  • Workplace injury, public liability injury and Return to Work SA entitlements, processes and representation at case conferences and tribunal hearings.
  • Defamation and vexatious allegations by staff members or parents/caregivers.
  • Issues pertaining to social networking sites and social media policies.
  • Assault and restraining orders.
  • Allegations of breaches of the Code of Conduct and misconduct investigations including ICAC.
  • School review processes.
  • Harassment and bullying in the workplace.
  • Unfair dismissal, reinstatement of leave entitlements and other industrial matters.
  • Protection of your industrial rights and entitlements.
  • Opinion on dealing with students with disabilities.
  • Interpretation of Government Acts.
  • Implementation and interpretation of new policies and procedures from the Department.

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  • Protect your career, reputation and wallet with fully funded legal support provided by our highly experienced legal team.
  • We focus exclusively on school and preschool leadership to give you advocacy without compromise.
  • Our membership is excellent value for money compared to other sources. Membership fees are $34.03 per fortnight and are tax deductible.
  • Regular email, web and social media updates about leaders’ work and legal matters affecting education.
  • Conferences and seminars dedicated to school leadership issues throughout the year.
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I see my SASSLA membership as a type of insurance policy. It’s my support network to fall back on in possible times of crisis. Knowing that I have legal assistance a phone call away and financial assistance with legal costs gives me peace of mind. It’s reassuring to know that I have genuine peer support now and throughout my future career.