Chief Executive’s Message

SASSLA is strong and effective in its representation, advocacy and legal defence of leaders. Now more than ever we need an organisation which is uncompromisingly dedicated to the support of leaders with the underlying principles of fairness and reason.

SASSLA meets with officers from the Department for Education and the Minister for Education regularly to advocate on behalf of school and preschool leaders. We maintain our independence from political parties and the Department to ensure we represent your views.

We provide support to our members who may need general guidance with leadership and human resources issues. We can give advice over the phone, outside of working hours or we can visit your site. We can also act as your support person in disciplinary or complaint meetings.

My prior role as Executive Director of Human Resources for the Department for Education has provided me with a wealth of knowledge for matters pertaining to human resources and the Acts, regulations, policies and procedures relating to school and preschool leadership. I am happy to give prompt and independent advice and guidance for issues raised by our members.

We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with all stakeholders in our public education system to give the best possible outcomes to school and preschool leaders.

Phil O’Loughlin
Chief Executive


  • Protect your career, reputation and wallet with fully funded legal support provided by our highly experienced legal team.
  • We focus exclusively on school and preschool leadership to give you advocacy without compromise.
  • Our membership is excellent value for money compared to other sources. Membership fees are $34.03 per fortnight and are tax deductible.
  • Regular email, web and social media updates about leaders’ work and legal matters affecting education.
  • Conferences and seminars dedicated to school leadership issues throughout the year.
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SASSLA is the sounding board school leaders need.  It is unfortunate that principals and other leaders need this type of protection but when needed it is efficient, supportive and acted on in a timely manner.  SASSLA provides a highly confidential service through email, phone conversations or site visits.  This organisation provides independent legal advice for a group of educators who experience common issues and are open to litigation.