Chief Executive’s Message

It is a great privilege to be appointed as Chief Executive of SASSLA.

As the Executive Director for Human Resources in Education, I was involved in the early years of SASSLA’s journey as a representative body for school and preschool leaders. To see it now as an association representing some 480 leaders is a great testament to the hard work of the SASSLA Board, John Gregory, the retiring Chief Executive; Jeff Wait, his predecessor; and our Business Manager, Leanne James.

In my 11 years working in human resources and industrial relations in the education sector, I developed a solid understanding of the work of school leaders and led key reform initiatives including the development of the Leadership Band A and B structures and changes to teacher recruitment and selection, amongst many others. This background provides a great platform to quickly pick up and run with the key priorities the SASSLA Board has established.

In commencing this role what is most important to me is to obtain a deeper feel and understanding of the role, including preparation for enterprise bargaining and the current application before the Industrial Relations Commission of South Australia for SASSLA’s registration as an industrial organisation.

I encourage people to contact me to discuss any issues or ideas, or just to say hello.

Phil O’Loughlin
Chief Executive


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  • Regular e-news, web and social media updates about leaders' work and legal matters affecting education.
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Whilst other associations and DECD talk about leader well-being, it has only been SASSLA who has provided the care, concern and professional guidance for me over the past two years. As leaders we often hear of others enduring stressful times and it is easy to gossip, dismiss or think it won’t happen to us and walk away. I hope no-one has to endure what I have, but if you do, you can’t afford not to belong to SASSLA.