Reappointment and Remuneration Incentives for Leaders

Reappointment and Remuneration Incentives for LeadersThe Education and Children’s Services Act 2019 (the Act) and the Education and Children’s Services Regulations 2020, provide new statutory provisions that enable the expansion of managerial decision making on employment areas of direct interest to school and preschool leaders. SASSLA has made representations to the Department on how reappointment provisions and remuneration incentives …

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SASSLA’s New Business Model

OUR PHILOSOPHY AND APPROACH SASSLA represents individual member interests, and the collective interests of Band A and Band B members. We are guided by the following principles in working with and representing individual members: We promptly respond to members’ requests and identify the most effective way to achieve a satisfactory outcome for the member. We …

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The Ethical Leader

by Phil O’Loughlin, SASSLA Chief Executive – a resource supplied to members at the 2021 SASSLA State Conference In the 20 plus years working as a human resources executive in government and more recently in my role as the Chief Executive of SASSLA, I have seen and experienced significant changes in the standards governing ethical …

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Education Leader Workload Discussion Paper Released Today!

SASSLA has today publically released a Discussion Paper on understanding and confronting the problems associated with the increasing workload for school and preschool leaders. The issue of very high work demands on leadership roles has become a growing problem that seems immune to easy solutions. Excessive workload presents a challenge for the public education system …

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Leadership Policy Paper

Leadership Policy Paper The SASSLA Board is excited to share our Leadership Policy Paper. Our aim is to represent the interests of our members by developing well-grounded policy positions on school and preschool leadership and advocating for a high quality public education system. The policy paper highlights the crucial role that school and preschool leaders …

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How to deal with vexatious parents/carers

So you thought as a school leader that your only concern would be dealing with children’s issues and staff issues? Wishful thinking. Whilst the majority of complaints or concerns from parents/carers are handled in an informal manner and resolved quickly, sensibly and without ongoing issues, that is not always the case. School leaders are increasingly …

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