Board Members – Nominations now open



Election of Five (5) Board Members

South Australian State School Leaders Association has entered into an arrangement with Australian Election Company to conduct a Declaration Postal Voting Ballot for the election of five (5) SASSLA Board Members.

Nominations, which MUST be in writing, may be made at any time from 12 noon ACDT Monday 16 November, 2020. Nominations must reach the Returning Officer no later than 12 noon ACDT on Wednesday 16 December, 2020. Nominations cannot be lodged after this time. To be eligible for Nomination, you must be a financial member, for at least 30 days prior to the opening time of the Nominations.

Nominations may be withdrawn up to seven (7) days after the close of Nominations at 12 noon ACDT Wednesday 23 December, 2020.

A Nomination Form is available in a separate document and may be downloaded by clicking here. Additional forms are available from the Returning Officer. The candidate must be nominated by at least two (2) eligible members.


Nominees for candidacy may submit a statement in support of their election. It would be most advantageous if statements could be received by the Returning Officer in MS Word format (by email to However, a scanned copy of (neatly) printed, hand-written, or typed statements will be accepted, so long as they are signed, fully completed and received by the Returning Officer before the close of Nominations at 12 noon ACDT on Wednesday 16 December, 2020.

Statements shall be limited to 250 words (including any combination of words/figures/numbers/symbols etc).


Signed, fully completed and scanned Nominations may be emailed to
Signed, fully completed Nominations may be faxed to 07 5428 1355, or posted to PO Box 3016, Caboolture, Qld, 4510, before the close of Nominations at 12 noon ACDT on Wednesday 16 December, 2020.

The onus is on the Candidate to ensure their Nomination form is completed, signed and returned before the Close of Nominations.


In the event that more than five (5) Nominations are received, then an Election will be held. If an Election is necessary, voting will be conducted by Declaration Postal Voting. Voting material will be sent to the registered/listed postal address of each eligible voter, as shown in the SASSLA records.

The Ballot, if it is necessary, will open on Monday 18 January, 2021 and close at 12 noon ACDT on Friday 19 February, 2021.


Call Australian Election Company on 1800 224 420

Richard Kidd
Returning Officer
Australian Election Company


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Without the support of SASSLA I would not have stayed connected to and be continuing in my chosen and much loved career.  It is so important that Principals have the full support and confidence of the Department.  My very public legal case highlighted the fragility of the system when support and confidence dissipates in the face of political interference, media attacks and intolerance.  SASSLA gave me support and encouragement during a very difficult time and when it seemed that no-one else would listen