SASSLA membership is open to all leaders employed by the South Australian Department for Education as:

  • Principals
  • Deputy Principals
  • Assistant Principals or Senior Leaders (Band B2 and above)
  • Preschool Directors
  • Education Directors, Principal Consultants and Early Childhood Leaders.
  • Managers of Support Services and Leadership positions in the Department (if a substantive school leadership role has been previously held).

As stated in the SASSLA Constitution, all applications for membership are to be approved by the Board. You will be advised of the outcome of your application by email and your membership will take effect from the first payroll deduction. We accept payroll deductions for membership fees and under special circumstances, such as long service leave or salary sacrifice, we can arrange payment by invoice or direct debits. The current membership fee is $29.59 (GST inclusive) per fortnight, and it is tax deductible.

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I hereby apply for membership of the South Australian State School Leaders Association and understand that if my application is accepted, my membership will be effective from the date of the first payroll deduction. I certify that the information I have provided above is correct and my position equates to band B2 or above.

PAYROLL DEDUCTION AUTHORITY: I authorise a payroll deduction of $29.59 (GST inclusive) per fortnight to be paid to the South Australian State School Leaders Association. I understand that my membership will not be effective until the first payroll deduction. I understand that this deduction may be increased in future years to an amount in proportion to any increase in the annual membership fee set each year at the Association's Annual General Meeting.

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From time to time Principals and leaders alike can be presented with challenges or matters within education which can only be resolved with legal advice and/or representation. I was fortunate enough to be a member of SASSLA when I needed legal representation. The SASSLA team not only helped with providing me access to their legal advisors; they also made regular contact with me, providing much needed moral support and professional advice. Thanks SASSLA