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SASSLA develops policy positions on employment matters that reflect the interests and aspirations of our members. We undertake research that is designed to generate discussion and engagement with our members and influence Government and Departmental decision making. Through our work we have moved the employment related conditions of leaders into the foreground of policy thinking.

Our 2022 key areas of focus:

Preschool Director Workload Evaluation

SASSLA, in collaboration with the Preschool Directors Association, has released two evaluation reports on Preschool Director workload. This work has provided a comprehensive picture of Preschool Director workload to inform policy decisions and future industrial negotiations. In 2022, our job is to make sure Preschool Director Workload is seen as a high priority by the Minister and the Department. These reports can be accessed here: Evaluation Report Part 1 2020, Evaluation Report Part 2 2021

Education Leader Workload

12 months of preliminary work has been undertaken to support our key objective of changing the thinking and practice involving leader workload. Our State Conference was held on 20 May 2022 which discussed this topic in detail. Presentation notes from the Conference can be found here.

Band A Classification and Remuneration

SASSLA is collaborating with other SA Principal and Preschool Director Associations to prepare a joint submission on changes to classification and remuneration that is needed to positively support public education now and in the future. This is a matter that will be considered in enterprise bargaining negotiations beginning in 2023.

Workforce Planning

SASSLA presented a comprehensive submission on workforce planning for leadership positions in 2021. The work was well received by the Department and can be viewed here.  In 2022 we will make a submission on ancillary staff which will draw key national and international research as well as our significant operational experience in this area. If you would like to be involved, please contact Leanne on 0412 654 817.

Merit Selection for Leadership Positions

This was a very topical issue in 2021 and we have explored concerns with members and will formally raise these with the Department in early 2022.

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SASSLA Leadership Policy PaperSASSLA Leadership Policy Paper SASSLA Education Leader Workload Discussion PaperSASSLA Education Leader Workload Discussion Paper

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