Policy Development and Advocacy

SASSLA develops policy positions on employment matters that reflect the interests and aspirations of our members.

We undertake research and develop policy papers that are designed to generate discussion and engagement with our members and influence Government and Departmental decision making.

Our recent work includes the SASSLA Leadership Policy Paper and the Education Leader Workload Discussion Paper. We are also active in advocating for issues of importance to our members.

Examples of our submissions to the Department include:

  • The application of the Code of Conduct in employee disciplinary related matters.
  • Future models for Principal and Preschool Director classification.
  • Critical issues for Preschool Directors flowing from the implementation of contact hours for preschool teachers.
  • Resourcing implications for primary schools flowing from the Year 7 to High School transition.
  • Suggested changes to the Employee Complaint Management Policy.

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SASSLA Leadership Policy PaperSASSLA Leadership Policy Paper SASSLA Education Leader Workload Discussion PaperSASSLA Education Leader Workload Discussion Paper

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