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SASSLA has arranged for representatives to represent our members in the 2018 Enterprise Bargaining negotiations as Bargaining Agents, under Section 76(2) of the Fair Work Act, to give specific representation to leaders in the EB process.

You have a choice of who represents you in the EB negotiations!

Leaders are overburdened by too much clutter. Our submissions to the Department will centre on getting back to basics; having the time to work with other leaders, one on one, coupled with salaries which recognise and reward practical support and guidance.

Membership concerns and our analysis of flashpoints, leadership density and workload suggest the following areas for improvement:

  • A substantial salary increase to recognise higher accountability requirements and demands.
  • A reduction in the number of classifications. We are overclassified with nine categories when five to six would be fairer. We have too many distinctions to override common responsibilities.
  • Being actively supported to do the work that makes the most difference to student achievement and outcomes; leading the learning in our schools and preschools.
  • Access to professionally driven learning structures for leaders including sabbaticals and recovery leave.
  • Improved structures for workplace consultation with wider representation of views and interests.
  • Implementation of significant changes to workload demands and provision of quality support services to all Preschool Directors.

We invite you to consider adding your voice to the growing numbers of school and preschool leaders who want the EB to make a difference. Let’s improve employment conditions and focus on leading learning in schools and preschools!

Members will be updated in our monthly e-news about the progression of EB negotiations. If you would like our SASSLA representatives to represent you in the 2018 EB negotiations, please complete this form – Appointment of Bargaining Agent 2018 and return via email or post to SASSLA.

SASSLA representatives also participated in the 2015 Enterprise Bargaining process and our input resulted in improved conditions for school leaders.  Our analysis of leadership density and workload helped to create precedents for improvements which include:

  • An extra allowance of 0.1 FTE for all principals and preschool directors, to be used at their discretion.
  • Additional primary and preschool leadership time.
  • An extra $3m to improve primary leadership density.

The 2015 Enterprise Bargaining Agreement can be found at the link below.

2016 EB Agreement






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