Journey Insurance

Journey Cover – Home to Work

SASSLA now offers another service for its members by way of Journey Insurance. All SASSLA members are automatically covered by our group policy if you are injured in your journey to or from work.

Return to Work SA (previously WorkCover) no longer insures employees for injuries suffered while travelling between home and work. SASSLA has secured an insurance package to provide limited cover for such journeys. This includes a maximum benefit payable of $1500.00 weekly accident benefit, $2000.00 broken bones payment and $75,000 death cover.

For further information please see the Product Disclosure Statement

Work Related Travel

This does not cover, nor does it replace the requirement for employees to complete the proper departmental paperwork for business travel. If you use your private vehicle for work, please make sure you complete departmental paperwork, get the proper approvals, and adhere to the published policies. In return, you are covered by the employer, and can claim the expense involved.

For home to work travel claims

If you wish to make a claim, please complete the Journey Claim Form and contact Coverforce Insurance on the number below:

Coverforce Insurance Broking Pty Ltd

Phone: 02 9376 7888
Fax: 02 9223 1422

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do I need to use all available sick leave first until I can claim the weekly accident benefit? Do I have a choice of using sick leave or claiming the accident benefit?

Under the policy the insured person is not required to use their sick leave first. However, you will need the approval of your employer as to what directive they give.

You cannot claim sick leave and insurance at the same time, but you can opt to use sick leave and then use the Journey Insurance when your sick leave runs out.

Q. Do I need to wait for a certain time until I can make a claim?
A. Yes, the deferral period is seven days.
Q. How much weekly accident benefit will I receive and for how long?
A. You are entitled to receive 85% of your current weekly salary, up to a maximum of $1500.00 per week (income tax is applicable) Benefits are payable for up to 104 weeks while you are unfit to work.
Q. Do my family receive any benefit should I die as a result of an accident to or from work?
A. Yes, your family can receive a $75,000 death benefit that is payable to your estate.
Q. Am I only covered for travel to or from work? What if I stop at the shop on the way home?
A. You must be engaged in direct and uninterrupted travel to or from your normal place of residence and to or from your place of employment, (including whilst engaged in travel to or from your place of employment). The coverage afforded by this policy shall only apply whilst an Insured Person is travelling directly between the boundaries of their place of residence and place of business for the purposes of starting or ending their days work and provided no cover is granted by Workers Compensation or the Traffic Accidents Act or equivalent.
Q. Do I receive loss of income benefit through Third Party Insurance if I am in a motor vehicle accident?
A. If an employee has an accident on their way to or from work, which is not their fault they can claim 80% of lost income. If you receive benefits/income from any other source, our payments will be reduced by that amount and we will pay the difference up to 85% of your salary. If you redeem or commute or settle your entitlement to benefits/income from any other source, our payments under this Policy will immediately cease.



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