Your Legal Edge

We give you immediate access to free professional legal advice where necessary.

Our legal team will represent you individually or collectively before relevant courts, tribunals, authorities or government departments. We also give peer support, advice, mediation and workplace visits.

We can help you with any legal matter in your leadership role including:

  • Workplace injury, public liability injury and Return to Work SA entitlements, processes and representation at case conferences and tribunal hearings.
  • Unfair dismissal and reinstatement of entitlements.
  • Defamation and vexatious allegations by staff members or parents.
  • Assault and restraining orders.
  • Allegations of breaches of the Code of Conduct and misconduct investigations including ICAC.
  • Harassment and bullying in the workplace.

How would you deal with these unforeseen challenges?

A teacher submits a grievance to your ED and the AEU. They assert that you are bullying them and start bad mouthing you to parents and colleagues. A directions meeting is called. Who represents you when the AEU is representing staff?

You are told to leave your site immediately and suspended pending an investigation. You receive little information outlining the allegation and no relevant assistance from the Department. How do you afford the cost of legal representation and how do you protect your career?

A parent defames you on Facebook, tells other parents that you are a criminal and creates a Facebook hate page dedicated to you. How do you stop the defamation, how do you seek damages to your reputation?





  • Protect your career, reputation and wallet with fully funded legal support. Neither the Department nor the AEU can be relied upon to support you when something happens. Join now and let SASSLA be your safety net!
  • What would happen if a staff member and you both needed representation from the AEU on the same matter? We provide a voice and uncompromising advocacy for school leaders.
  • Membership fees are $29.59 per fortnight and are tax deductible. Far more cost effective than the AEU.
  • We maintain our independence from political parties and the Department to ensure we represent your views.
  • Conferences and seminars dedicated to school leadership issues throughout the year.
  • Regular e-news, web and social media updates about leaders' work and legal matters affecting education.
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SASSLA is the sounding board school leaders need.  It is unfortunate that principals and other leaders need this type of protection but when needed it is efficient, supportive and acted on in a timely manner.  SASSLA provides a highly confidential service through email, phone conversations or site visits.  This organisation provides independent legal advice for a group of educators who experience common issues and are open to litigation.