Social Media and Defamation

SASSLA’s Chief Executive, John Gregory, featured in The Advertiser and 5AA Radio on 22 August 2017 regarding the rise in defamation of leaders and teachers on social media. To view the article click here

Your SASSLA membership gives you prompt support if you have evidence of defamation on social media. Remember to take screen shots of the offending material and do not engage publicly with the offender. DECD and Crown Law are often slow to act, but SASSLA can give you immediate access to a lawyer to have a concerns letter written to the offender to have the material removed. There are also avenues to pursue damages if the material is detrimental to your reputation and career. Our legal team can give advice on what actions to take.


  • Protect your career, reputation and wallet with fully funded legal support provided by our highly experienced legal team.
  • We focus exclusively on school and preschool leadership to give you advocacy without compromise.
  • Our membership is excellent value for money compared to other sources. Membership fees are $29.59 per fortnight and are tax deductible.
  • Regular email, web and social media updates about leaders’ work and legal matters affecting education.
  • Conferences and seminars dedicated to school leadership issues throughout the year.
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I see my SASSLA membership as a type of insurance policy. It’s my support network to fall back on in possible times of crisis. Knowing that I have legal assistance a phone call away and financial assistance with legal costs gives me peace of mind. It’s reassuring to know that I have genuine peer support now and throughout my future career.